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Words of Restoration Ministries - 624 Davis Heights Drive, Gastonia, North Carolina

Raising Up Our Children In The Image of Christ!

  ~Everyone knows that the children are the future of our church!~

  Here at Words of Restoration Ministries we are committed to ensuring the spiritual growth and christian education of your children.

  Our Children's Sunday School & Sunday Morning Children's Church will enstil the Basic Principles of the Christian Faith, while creating a fun, festive and creative atmosphere for children who are still in elementary grades.

  Our team of teachers and resources are iplace to ensure that your child is always safe, and that you are aware of what is going on on a personal level at all times.

~Creating the Foundation~

 Our instructors and volunteers are kept on their toes putting together lessons, bible stories, crafts and videos for your children to enjoy and learn from each time they are in session. 

  One Such Lesson- "David and Goliath"- is set up in such a way that even the smallest of children will come out saying, "I Am A Conquer", as they stand strong in the knowledge to know they can defeat any advisary that comes before them no matter how Big or Small. 

  You can feel assured that your child will be building the foundation they need to succeed as a young Christian!

~Showing What They've Learned~

  Your child will be continously amaze your with their knew biblical knowledge, arts and craft project and skills as they return to you after each service they attend.

  Many times we will have the children as a whole to demonstrate what they have learned during a special service at the church, this may include praying, reciting scripture, singing a song, showing art work, or demonstrating lessons learned. And you'll certainly be looking for more places to store your child's artwork as the "Fridge" will no longer be able to handle the load!  

Making An "M-Pact" on Todays Youth!

~Our Mission~

  *Today's Youth are presented with so many worldly options for fun and entertainment on a daily basis, its our job as Youth Leaders to provide a Christian Alternative that will keep them coming back again and again!*

  We here @ W.O.R.M. Youth Ministry are striving to provide a fun yet safe atmosphere for Middle and High School students to come and just let loose all while learning "What it means to be a Christian", and Understanding their Christian Values on an individual basis. 

  We all know that children and teens Do Not like to talk to or bring problems to their Parents. Thats why the Youth Leadership Team always has someone available if it be to Enstil A Godly Word into a situation, A shoulder to lean on, or just an open ear. 

~Growth As Young Christians~

"Proverbs 15:1- A soft answer turns away wrath, but a hash word stirs up anger" 

  We are beginning a new series in our Sunday School meetings entitled "Anatomy of a Christian Youth", in this series we will discussing how showing emotions, physical expressions, and daily behaviors can help or hender how others perceive you as a christian.

  Emotions- as the saying goes, don't where your emotions on your sleeve... as a Christian Youth this is a common struggle that most if not all deal with on a daily basis. Youth themselves are subseptable to this on the most sensative level, something as simple  as a "glimpse and turn away" from another teen can install a sense of fear or defense in a youth. Our entent is to discuss and help explore these areas with our teens and devise ways for them to deal with these situations without causing or partaking in conflict.

~Good Clean Fun~

  But we're not all about being "Serious", we like to have fun as well... Skating, Movie Nights, Lock-In's, Pizza Parties, Outings... you name it... We do or will find a way to make it happen!

  Most times you will find the WORM Youth Group outside of the building, as we believe being a christian does not mean being confined between the walls of the church! Often classes and activities are held on the church grounds, this is used to provide an openness that most youth are not familiar with in the daily struggles. 

~We Invite All Youth and Families with Children in this age range to Visit M-Pact Youth Ministries at W.O.R.M. Church~

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