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Bonding With Our Brothers!

Women- Prayer Warriors!

  Men! Yes even Christian Men- We have a sense of "Macho" for lack of better terms! But in todays world how far will "Macho" really get you! Standing on the porch in the rain!

~Brotherhood- Being The Part~

 Dont get me wrong, while we love our Wifes and Families, but every man, be him Christian or not, yearns to be around other men at times. "Its Just Nature!"

  We here at W.O.R.M. understand this and we're doing something about it- Enter in the "WORM Men's Brotherhood Ministry". Once a month the Men of WORM Church get together to fellowship and grow spritually off of one another. 

  Fellowships range from Partaking in Breakfast and Discussion at the church, gathering out together for lunch, or just simply meeting and taking in God's Creation at a local area landmark.

  When we return home to our families Refreshed and Revived in the Lord, our families are grateful that their Godly Leader has had and chance to recharge and is able to take on the battles that come their way!

~Keeping Up God's House~

  Now understand the being a part of the brotherhood isn't all about Talking and Eating... As the men of the house we continously stay hands on around the church building and grounds.  

  After every fellowship at the church the "MEN" gather together to focus on completing a project around the church and grounds... while planting the flowers is what most men call  "womens work", WORM church does not see it that way! Beautification, maintenance and Property Rehab are "Mans Work", this includes the smallest details of trach pickup to painting and construction!

  If you like to eat and get your hands dirty, all while having good, fun, and clean christian fellowship WORM Men's Brotherhood Ministry may be the right fit for you!

  In today's society to many people are saying the church need to change with the times, but we say NO! Society need to get back to the basics of what is called the ole time christianity.

~Reaching Todays Women~

  Our young women of today are lacking in what it takes to be a christian leader, woman, wife and most definently a god fearing christian mother.

  We here at W.O.R.M. dedicate our time, efforts and assets to providing the foundation for the younger generation of women, to create an understanding of what the bible says is expeted of them, for them to be viewed as "Christian Women" in every aspect of their hectic lives.

  We know that while raising a family, juggling a job, and being a woman is enough for most women to just want to throw in the towel. And while we fully understand this , we strive to bring an sense of calming and organization  to all everyone of the women we encounter. Our goal is to show that their is a better way and to get them to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak.

~The Charge From God For Women~

  Our womens ministry is about taking a vital part in the church. We base our women ministry on Titus 2:3-5, to teach and encourage. To help equip them through the word of God by living a life of Faith thru Christ . but most of all, to edify all the women of the church to be of a service to the ministry."

  We women have shown themselves to be not only prayer warriors but go-getters... Always active with fellowships, outreach ministry, providing counceling; but on the other hand we're no strangers to having good clean fun... "We pride ourselves in being able to have a fun atmosphere while praising the Lord."  

So if you believe that as Godly Women we need to step up to the plate and do what God called us to do in the home and church then Words of Restoration Ministry Women Ministry is inviting you.

Community Outreach- Ministry Beyond The Walls!

Coming Soon!

~The Calling From God!~

KJV   LUKE 14:23

And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel [them] to come in, that my house may...

And the Lord said vnto the seruant, Goe out into the high wayes and hedges, and compell them to come in, that my house may be filled.

~Reaching Out!~

  "Ministry is not just between these four walls, its out there" Apostle John F Benton!

  If the church goes about on a day to day ritual of the same ole Service Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, Wednesday Bible Study, their would probably be no growth! 

~God calls his followers to go out and compel them into the house...~

  Words of Restoration has taken this message to heart, and continously strives to bring joy and happiness to those who can't make it to the church.

  The Outreach team works diligently to reach people in the surrounding county by way of sidewalk ministry, care package give aways, and visiting nursing and assisted living homes; just to name a few. Ever constant on the move for God, Leader Minister Lena Arnold, drives the team to keep pushing forward for the kingdm of god.

~If your hearts desire is to reach, minister, and help those less fortunate, or just out of the Will of God this is the place for you!~

Please be patient with us as we are still building the website!

Taking Ministry Unto The World... This is how we do it outside WORM Church!

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